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Do you want to be our Partner?

Get ready for an incredible opportunity to become true ambassadors of the Meu Pet Gringo brand and receive exclusive benefits! 

We want to invite you to participate in our Influencer Partnership Program, where we combine a passion for pets and the desire to share incredible experiences with our products! 

As ambassadors for Meu Pet Gringo, you will have access to special benefits and the chance to win money and products, while spreading love and pet style around! 

Check out the benefits we have prepared for you: 


Ambassador status: Be officially recognized as ambassadors of Meu Pet Gringo and receive all the prestige you deserve! 

Exclusive discount: Get a 50% discount on up to 4 pet products or 2 pet products + 2 human products! It's an amazing offer!

Discount coupon for referral: Share a personalized 15% discount coupon with your audience to encourage them to purchase our products! It's a way to spread real love! 

Percentage on sales: Your coupon will be your "tag" and for each sale made with your personalized coupon, you will receive a percentage of 5% of the value! Making money while making pets happy? Yes, please! 

Monthly evaluation: Your performance will be evaluated monthly, and the better it is, the more exclusive discounts you will have for future purchases! It's an extra incentive for you to rock as ambassadors!


Reward option: Choose to receive the percentage of sales in cash or in products from our store. And the best: the higher your performance, the more discounts you will have on each item chosen!

And as if all this wasn't enough, we also have a monthly prize for the top 3 in the sales ranking! You will be spoiled with a special prize chosen especially for you!

But of course, being an ambassador for Meu Pet Gringo is not just about gaining benefits, it is also a commitment. You will be responsible for promoting our brand with lots of love and representing the essence of Meu Pet Gringo on your social networks, blogs and favorite platforms. Let's spread joy, style and pet care around the world together! 

And then? Are you ready to join our pack of ambassadors?


If so, carefully read our partnership policy, agree to the terms and get ready for a journey full of fun, rewards and lots of love for our furry friends!

So, it's time to rock out and make it happen!

Programa de Afiliação

Embaixador Meu Pet Gringo


A gente quer uma verdadeira relação "ganha x ganha" com influencers conectados aos nossos valores!

Status de embaixador da marca

Desconto de 50% em até 4 produtos pet ou 2 pet e 2 humanos

Cupom de desconto de 15% para suas vendas

Percentual de 5% sobre vendas com os cupons

Avaliação mensal convertida em desconto para novos produtos

Recebimento em dinheiro ou produtos, à sua escolha!

Premiação mensal para os lideres de vendas

Do you really know us?

I'll tell you!

We are a small company passionate about bringing style, care and joy to pets and their humans. Here at Meu Pet Gringo, we have strong values that guide us at every step of this journey.

We believe in the power of social causes and supporting women entrepreneurs. We want to promote gender equality, freedom and financial emancipation. 

We are determined to evolve and share each achievement with our partners! After all, our story would not be complete without the presence and support of everyone who accompanies us on this journey full of love and stray hairs. 

So, grab your pets' paws and come be part of this story! We are waiting for you with open arms (and paws)! 

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